Unleash the Power of Postbiotics

TruMune® postbiotic pet food additive is an advanced, natural* immune health product made from a proprietary fermentation process that promotes pet wellbeing and vitality. Our pet food ingredient is 100% natural, with nutrients that have been proven to support a strong gut, sensitive stomach, and promote a healthier microbiome.

Developed specifically for use in dog and cat diets, TruMune postbiobic incorporates dual-action functionality for optimal pet health and wellness, working naturally with the biology of the animal. Research demonstrates additional benefits that help support and maintain:

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Pet food manufacturers serve increasingly diverse and demanding customers around the world. The variety of products continues to grow. We’re constantly searching for innovative, natural, nutritional health solutions to optimize health, wellness, and vitality. Research-proven TruMune postbiotic meets the need to support immune function and digestive health in all varieties of complete pet foods and treats, manufactured in all types of conventional pet food facilities.


Research shows that gut health and immune health are linked. When these systems function optimally, dogs are healthier and more comfortable engaging in behaviors associated with health, such as playing and running. A 2018 study showed that dogs fed TruMune postbiotic were 15% more active than control dogs when running over a set distance following a trainer’s vehicle.

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TruMune is backed by Diamond V research that includes more than 425 controlled research studies and 120 peer-reviewed publications across our portfolio of solutions for dairy, beef, poultry, swine, equine, aqua, and pet.


TruMune Pet Food Additive
  • Natural: TruMune postbiotic is considered a natural ingredient as defined by AAFCO.
  • Built-in flexibility: TruMune pet food additive is not manufactured using grains. It also contains no corn, wheat, or soy products.
  • Demonstrated functionality: We utilize only controlled research studies to validate product functionality.
  • Consistent quality: We utilize only quality, reliable, traceable ingredients to ensure product consistency.

Mix into finished diet to provide up to 100 mg/kg of body weight per day.

Research shows TruMune postbiotic maintains stool quality under normal and stress conditions.

Research shows TruMune postbiotic does not impact palatability.

Yes. TruMune postbiotic has an 18-month shelf life and is stable through extrusion and processing conditions normally found in pet food manufacturing.

No. These are two distinctly different ingredients. Yeast culture (AAFCO Definition 96.8) is a very nutritionally unique and complex pet supplement ingredient, containing both residual components of the original yeast cells as well as a myriad of bioactive metabolites the yeast produces during the controlled fermentation process employed for its production. Conversely, brewer’s dried yeast (AAFCO Definition 96.4) is a by-product from the brewing industry wholly comprised of spent yeast cells. While generally a good source of protein, it lacks the myriad of fermentation metabolites intentionally derived in the production of yeast culture.


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Are you a pet parent?

TruMune  is a natural pet food ingredient found in many well-known brands, made by professionals. It’s simple: an advanced, natural health product for your four-legged friends that promotes more healthy days.


Diamond V® postbiotic feed additive* products provide reliable, research-proven results for customers around the world. Our advanced proprietary fermentation technologies deliver consistent quality products.


Remains Stable From Date of Manufacture to Feeding


Not Compromised by Extreme Temperature, pH, or Processing


Do Not Require Special Storage Conditions
Diamond V® postbiotics are highly stable with long shelf lives, and are easily incorporated into manufacturing processes including steam conditioning, extrusion, and vacuum infusion.