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Animal Health Deserves a Healthier Approach

Diamond V’s natural* immune-support postbiotic feed additives* help optimize animal health, animal performance, and preharvest food safety.

We provide expert, experienced, technical support to our customers to help keep their animals healthy and grow their businesses. Based on 80 years of research and development, Diamond V® continues to explore and innovate in postbiotic and microbial fermentation science and technology.




The animal health choices made by producers, nutritionists, and veterinarians affect their animals, their businesses, and the way they live their lives. Those who choose to invest in keeping healthy animals healthy believe that managing the bottom line isn’t an exercise in subtraction. That it’s far better to maintain good health than to treat an illness. That changing the way they feed reflects a changed world and the desires of people who depend on them for food. Feeding Diamond V makes a statement about another dimension of profit, where margins are also measured by confidence in your future.

When your goal is to help agricultural animals reach their full potential, their health matters. That’s where Diamond V makes a difference. We’re a global animal health company that manufactures unique, microbial fermentation postbiotic feed additives to help improve an animal’s immune system and health over its lifetime.

To produce the highest-quality products, we perform the industry’s highest-quality research. Our people, products, and partnerships can build value in your feed formula and food production!