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Diamond V is a global, research-focused, technology-driven organization within Cargill Animal Nutrition that develops and manufactures natural* postbiotic feed additives* that support optimal nutrition, health, and performance in dairy cows, beef cattle, chickens, turkeys, fish & shrimp, cats, dogs, horses, and other animals.

As we build on 80 years of scientific research and development, we continue to search for innovative solutions and practical applications to meet the challenges of productive, profitable, and sustainable animal agriculture around the world.


We’re surrounded by the best and brightest minds our industry has to offer. Some work in labs, fields, and production plants, while others wear hard hats, crunch numbers, perform research, lead cutting-edge projects, support customers, and develop new natural* animal feed additives. No matter your role, when you join our team you’ll work with passionate people ready to share their knowledge and experience to support our customers around the globe.


We put people first, and our benefit plans and programs directly support this core value by enhancing their lives. We deliver locally competitive insurance, retirement, vacation and more. We’re committed to providing comprehensive offerings and to helping our employees achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

Cargill is an equal opportunity employer.

Diamond V Job Openings

At Diamond V, a Cargill company, we believe animal health deserves a healthier approach. We provide expert, experienced, technical support to our customers to help keep their animals healthy and grow their business. Diamond V natural* postbiotic feed additives are available across the globe.

No openings at this time.

EpiCor Job Openings

EpiCor®, a sister brand to Diamond V and part of Cargill Inc., is dedicated to creating and manufacturing natural supplement ingredients based on science that supports wellness and vitality. EpiCor is featured in dozens of leading dietary supplement and functional food products found in natural products stores, grocery stores, health care practitioner offices, drug stores, and online.

No openings at this time.