Research & Innovation

Leading the Science of Microbial Fermentation

Diamond V’s global team of scientists, research technicians, and field experts constantly discover new opportunities to improve animal health, well-being, and performance.

Our team conducts scientific studies in all major livestock, poultry, pet, and companion animal species. We work with leading universities and numerous independent laboratories around the world.

Collaborating with partner companies and customers, we advance science, technology, and successful businesses for safe, sustainable, food production and animal health worldwide.

Unmatched Expertise. Worldwide Impact.

Diamond V continues to build on nearly 80 years of leadership in research and development of microbial fermentation technology, creating unique, natural immune health products.

Across Species

Diamond V research covers food and companion animals, including dairy, beef, swine, poultry species, aquaculture, as well as pet and more.

Across Disciplines

Our scientific expertise spans the sciences, including nutrition, immunology, microbiology, virology, genetics, and fermentation.

Across the Globe

Diamond V teams around the world help coordinate university and on-farm research that meets specific needs.


Research Commitment

Diamond V brings new solutions built on significant investments in scientific research, technological innovation, advanced animal modeling, and testing in the real world.


Diamond V coordinates a global research network. Our scientists are pioneers in modeling gut microbial activity, and have expertise in pathogenic bacteria, immune function, cell culture, gene expression, virology, and fermentation.