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Improving animal health and performance worldwide

Diamond V manufactures natural* immune-support postbiotic feed additives* to support improved animal health, animal performance, and pre-harvest food safety worldwide.

We provide expert, experienced, technical consultation to help improve and grow our customers’ businesses.

We continue to explore and innovate in postbiotic science and technology, based on 80 years of leadership in research and development of unique microbial fermentation feed additives.

Successful relationships. Long-lasting partnerships. Healthy animals at every stage of life.

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Scientific Leadership. Unique Technology.

1 - Key Benefits
Our postbiotic feed additives empower the immune system to naturally: 

▪ Optimize animal health & wellbeing
▪ Enhance production efficiency
▪ Promote preharvest food safety
▪ Support antibiotic stewardship
2 - Fermentation-Based Postbiotics
Our immune-health postbiotics are created using a proprietary fermentation technology, inspired by nature and refined over nearly 80 years.
3 - Novel Bioactive Compounds
Every postbiotic has its own unique profile consisting of numerous bioactive compounds. This complexity makes Diamond V® postbiotic feed additives very different from single-compound type feed additives.
4 - Immune Strength for All Life Stages
Extensive research shows the bioactive compounds in our postbiotics work naturally with the biology of the animal, maintaining immune strength and promoting digestive health in many beneficial ways – in every stage of life.
5 - Science-Based
All Diamond V feed additives are thoroughly tested and validated with controlled research, including more than 385 controlled research studies and 155 peer-reviewed publications.
6 - Stable and Reliable
Our postbiotic feed additives are manufactured in the USA using globally sourced materials, and are stable from the date of manufacture to feeding. Efficacy is not compromised by extreme temperature, pH, processing, or storage conditions commonly associated in feed or pet food manufacturing.

Manufacturing Technology

Diamond V’s proprietary anaerobic fermentation technology uses multiple microbial platforms to produce unique research-demonstrated postbiotic feed additives.

Quality Commitment

Diamond V postbiotics are manufactured in our plants in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where rigorous testing ensures consistent, unmatched quality in all products.

Our History to Today

Eighty Years in Animal Health

Back in 1943, C.W. Bloomhall started Diamond V with a dream — in his words, “to help animals do better.” He discovered that providing a feed additive created through a natural fermentation process for livestock supports healthier animals, more production, and increased immunity.

Today, that discovery remains the foundation of Diamond V’s success. Diamond V has been in the animal health business for 80 years, continuing to grow our research and improve our science and technology as we go.

Trusted research. Trusted products. Trusted experts.