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NaturSafe® is Diamond V’s next generation immune health beef cattle feed additive. NaturSafe is manufactured in the United States in our state-of-the-art facility that meets current Good Manufacturing Practices and other stringent quality criteria.

Delivered through the feed, it is specifically formulated to optimize health and performance, and support antibiotic stewardship. Research shows NaturSafe postbiotic helps support:

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Rumen Health & G.I. Tract Integrity

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Immune Strength


Overall Animal Health and Performance


Antibiotic Stewardship


What producers are saying

“We started running the numbers on these calves, and found that NaturSafe was really working in calves that, by the odds, should have been facing significant health challenges.”

Joe Klute
Phelps County Feeders & Nebraska Star® Beef — Holdrege, Nebraska



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NaturSafe is a natural*, immune health beef cattle feed additive used in beef cattle diets for optimal health and performance.

Unlike any other product in the dairy industry, NaturSafe feed additive was conceived and developed from almost 80 years of time-test scientific principles, along with Diamond V® human-product innovation, and ultimately, performance of the technology in beef animals.

NaturSafe is not a single compound, but rather a microbial fermentate composed of hundreds of bioactive compounds. These bioactives work synergistically with the biology of the animal to support immunity, health, and performance.

Research shows NaturSafe postbiotic helps reduce critical risks associated with cattle production and preserve the expression of the normal biology of beef cattle.

NaturSafe feed additive works by supporting:

  • Rumen health and gastrointestinal tract integrity
  • Immune system and overall animal health
  • Optimization of energy

NaturSafe postbiotic promotes the advance of science in food production in the safest and most sustainable manner.

Research has shown NaturSafe feed additive supports:

  • Overall respiratory and digestive health
  • Optimized average daily gain and feed conversion
  • Health/pull rates
  • Feed intake and performance during heat stress
  • Antibiotic stewardship through responsible management/use

NaturSafe feed additive is heat and pressure stable under conditions normally found in feed manufacturing.

No — NaturSafe feed additive is stable in all types of feed processing systems, and may be incorporated in loose mineral products, blocks, and tubs, as well as in pelleted, liquid, or dry supplements.

NaturSafe fermentate does not require refrigeration and may be stored under ambient environmental conditions.


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Diamond V® feed additive products provide reliable, research-proven results for customers around the world. Our advanced proprietary fermentation technologies deliver consistent quality products.

Remain Stable From Date of Manufacture to Feeding


Provide Efficacy Not Compromised by Extreme Temperature, pH, or Processing


Do Not Require Special Storage Conditions

Diamond V® postbiotics are highly stable with long shelf lives, and are easily incorporated into manufacturing processes including steam conditioning, extrusion, and vacuum infusion.