Poultry Feed Additive DiaVMBPro

When Does 1 + 1 = 3?

When You Combine Postbiotics and Essential Oil Compounds

Dia-V™ MBPRO poultry feed additive combines the power of two categories of additives – postbiotics and essential oil compounds (EOCs) – known for their beneficial effects on meat bird performance and feed intake.

Demonstrated through eight global trials, the dual action of Dia-V MBPRO promotes digestive health and broiler performance. Research has shown that benefits include:

Improved Meat Bird Weight Gain


Improved Meat Bird Feed Conversion


Meat Bird Increased Processing Yields


Meat Bird Decreased Production Costs


Meat Bird Increased Production Performance


Meat Bird Increased Return on Investments


Why Combine Postbiotics and EOCs?

When consumed, postbiotics and EOCs each play a key role in distinct segments of the gut.

  • Concentration of EOCs is high in the Upper Gut
  • Postbiotics have a strong impact on the Hind Gut
  • Together EOCs and Postbiotics complement each other, and support improved health across the gut

Feeding Dia-V MBPRO at only 400 grams per metric ton / 0.8 pounds per ton supports improvements in broiler FCR, body weight, and processing yields. The synergistic action of postbiotics and EOCs leads to important performance improvements and increased ROI.



Dia-V MB Pro Bag

Dia-V MBPRO is a poultry feed additive for use in meat birds, combining two categories of additives known for their beneficial effects on performance – Postbiotics and Essential Oil Compounds. Dia-V MBPRO is single distinctive product that combines both categories and works all along the gut.

While Dia-V MBPRO includes a postbiotic, it does not contain Diamond V® Original XPC. Through a proprietary manufacturing process, our experts control a wide range of fermentation parameters – duration, temperature, etc. – leading to the production of different compounds. The possibilities are infinite! As a result, every postbiotic has its own unique profile that consists of metabolites and bioactive compounds. The postbiotic included in Dia-V MBPRO is uniquely created through Diamond V’s proprietary manufacturing process.

Dia-V MBPRO combines the power of two categories of additives known for their beneficial effects on meat bird performance – Postbiotics and Essential Oil Compounds. Dia-V MBPRO includes both postbiotics and essential oil compounds in a single distinctive product that works all along the gut.

The synergy of these two key ingredients, demonstrated through tests carried out under experimental and industrial conditions, makes Dia-V MBPRO a critical solution for poultry producers. Leveraging Cargill’s Galleon™ Broiler Microbiome Intelligence, we’ve identified that the dual action of Dia-V MBPRO promotes digestive health and supports a healthy microflora, leading to improvements in body weight gain, feed conversion, and breast meat yield. Dia-V MBPRO also supports decreased production costs and increased return-on-investment.

According to the ISAPP consensus definition, a postbiotic is, “a preparation of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that confers a health benefit on the host.” Postbiotics are produced through precise fermentation inputs and processes outside the animal, to create beneficial metabolites. Postbiotics have been shown to support a healthy immune system, promote good bacteria, and maintain gut balance, therefore supporting performance in poultry.

Essential oils are natural plant extracts taken from certain plants using steam or pressure. Essential oil compounds are synthetically produced in order to guarantee a stable and consistent amount of essential oils in our additive solutions, batch after batch. Essential oil compounds, mainly intended as appetizing agents, also were shown to have the ability to improve gut health through better nutrient absorption, and a stronger gut wall, amongst other benefits.


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Diamond V® postbiotics are highly stable with long shelf lives, and are easily incorporated into manufacturing processes including steam conditioning, extrusion, and vacuum infusion.