EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Diamond V partners with trusted distributors to support customers throughout Europe, India, Middle East, and Africa.

P.O. Box 10022
9400 CA Assen
The Netherlands

Phone: +31.592.373870 FAX: +31.592.409092

Employee: Jeremiah Karuga

Jeremiah Karuga, BSc, MBA

Director, Business Development

Africa and Middle East
Employee: Daniel Ramirez

Daniel Ramirez

Commercial Director, Ruminants - Beef, Dairy

Europe and Middle East
Employee: Peter van der Vegt

Peter van der Vegt

Key Account Director

Europe, Africa and Middle East
Employee: Wael Abdelrahman

Wael Abdelrahman, DVM, PhD

Manager, Poultry Technical Service & Business Development - Poultry

Europe, Africa and Middle East
Employee: Patrick Beyeler

Patrick Beyeler, MSc

Technical and Commercial Manager

Employee: Bernd Broich

Bernd Broich

Ruminant Technical Director - Beef, Dairy

Germany, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland
Employee: Madhab Howlader

Madhab Howlader

Senior Manager, Technical and Business Development - Poultry

Employee: Attila Kovacs

Attila Kovacs, DVM, MVSc

Monogastric Commercial Manager - Poultry, Swine

Employee: Alexey Kulikov

Alexey Kulikov

Ruminant Technical Service Sales Manager - Beef, Dairy

Russia, Central Asia
Employee: Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar

Manager Technical & Business Development

Employee: Laurence Mills

Laurence Mills

Companion Animal Business Development Manager - Equine, Pet

Employee: Anna Pietrowicz

Anna Pietrowicz

Technical Services and Business Development Manager - Beef, Dairy

Employee: Walter Schmitz

Walter Schmitz

Technical Services Manger - Beef, Dairy

Germany, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland
Employee: Jared Serem

Jared Serem, DVM, PhD

Manager Animal Health and Food Safety - Poultry, Swine

Africa and Middle East
Employee: Sierd Tappel

Sierd Tappel

Technical Sales Support Manager

Employee: Faith Wakibia

Faith Wakibia, MSc

Technical Services Manager - Poultry, Swine

Africa and Middle East
Employee: Francisco Ysunza

Francisco Ysunza, PhD

Manager, Technical Support - Beef, Dairy

Employee: Deven Vespi

Deven Vespi, MBA

Business Development Manager, Equine


Our trusted global distributor partners in EMEA understand local market conditions and are committed to meeting your needs through Diamond V® products. Find a distributor near you!