Beyond Gut Health

The name is changing, the product is not! SynGenX® / Dia-V™ Nursery postbiotic feed additive* product line is Diamond V's natural*, immune health piglet feed additive used in nursery pig diets. Our nursery products dual-action helps supports both immune function and digestive health for optimal piglet health and performance.

SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery postbiotic helps promote:

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The SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery fermentate feed additives works naturally with the biology of the piglet to help maintain immune strength, support digestive tissue integrity, and promote a healthy microbial balance. Our piglet feed additives are manufactured in the United States in our state-of-the-art facility that meets current Good Manufacturing Practices and other stringent quality criteria.


What Producers Are Discovering

Leading producers are learning that SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery postbiotic helps to promote performance and support pig health in nurseries. In 2013, an Eastern Iowa producer tested the product in commercial nursery barns with more than 2,500 pigs.

Weaned 19.5-day-old pigs were sourced from the same sow farm and reared in separate Control and SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery feed additive barns. All pigs tested negative for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia (APP), but tested positive for mycoplasma. In the SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery barn, a swine flu outbreak provided an additional production challenge.

All the young pig diets contained spray-dried plasma, zinc at high levels, organic acids, and a bacillus direct-fed microbial product. The only difference in the control and treatment diets was SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery feed additive.

Feeding SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery postbiotic supported profitability during the nursery period in areas including:

  •  Average daily gain
  •  Feed conversion
  •  Post-weaning IOFC

This commercial study confirms SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery feed additive performance documented in controlled research trials. SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery fermentate supports normal gut structure and function in nursery pigs, promoting overall health, wellness, and productivity.


SyngenX LS / Dia-V Nursery non-gmo piglet feed additive

SynGenXLS/Dia-V NurseryLS non-gmo piglet feed additive is a natural, immune health product used in nursery pig diets for optimal health and performance.

SynGenX<sub>LS</sub>/Dia-V Nursery<sub>LS</sub> piglet feed additive is not a single compound, but rather a microbial fermentate composed of hundreds of bioactive compounds. These bioactives work synergistically with the biology of the animal to support piglet health and performance.

SynGenX<sub>LS</sub>/Dia-V Nursery<sub>LS</sub> fermentate is produced using Diamond V’s proprietary Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation technology platform.

Research shows SynGenX<sub>LS</sub>/Dia-V Nursery<sub>LS</sub> non-gmo piglet feed additive goes beyond gut health with dual-action to help support immune function and digestive health.

SynGenX<sub>LS</sub>/Dia-V Nursery<sub>LS</sub> postbiotic supports immune function through a healthy bacterial balance and improved butyrate production. In addition, butyrate has proven digestive health benefits.


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Diamond V® postbiotic feed additive* products provide reliable, research-proven results for customers around the world. Our advanced proprietary fermentation technologies deliver consistent quality products.


Remains Stable From Date of Manufacture to Feeding


Not Compromised by Extreme Temperature, pH, or Processing


Do Not Require Special Storage Conditions
Diamond V® postbiotics are highly stable with long shelf lives, and are easily incorporated into manufacturing processes including steam conditioning, extrusion, and vacuum infusion.