Worldwide Sales & Service

Local knowledge. International access. Global resources.

With offices and partners worldwide, our professional sales team knows and understands local market conditions, helping our customers capitalize on critical opportunities to apply Diamond V natural* postbiotic feed additives* to achieve profitable results.

Our sales teams work closely with Diamond V technical experts who have specialized skills. All have ready access to our global support network that links technical sales professionals, nutritionists, veterinarians, researchers, and risk analysts.

Our integrated network of experts is committed to sharing knowledge and adding value to meet our customer needs and objectives in all types of animal agriculture businesses, in diverse markets around the world. We offer support for dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs, broilers, breeders, layers, turkeys, horses, and pets.

Because animal health deserves a healthier approach.


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Trusted global distributor partners who understand local market conditions and are committed to meeting your needs through Diamond V® products. No order is too big!