Beef Experts

Building Relationships That Result in Partnerships

Diamond V Beef Advisors are committed to sharing knowledge and adding value to meet our customers’ needs and objectives. These Diamond V team members are your Trusted Experts in Nutrition and Health® worldwide.

Employee: Bernd Broich

Bernd Broich

Ruminant Technical Director - Beef, Dairy

Employee: Alexey Kulikov

Alexey Kulikov

Ruminant Technical Service Sales Manager - Beef, Dairy

Employee: Anna Pietrowicz

Anna Pietrowicz

Technical Services and Business Development Manager - Beef, Dairy

Employee: Walter Schmitz

Walter Schmitz

Technical Services Manger - Beef, Dairy

Employee: Francisco Ysunza

Francisco Ysunza, PhD

Manager, Technical Support - Beef, Dairy

Employee: Devin Hanson

Devin Hanson, PhD

Global Research and Technical Services Director

Employee: Craig Belknap

Craig R. Belknap, MS, PAS

Business and Technical Manager

Employee: Zeb Gray

Zeb Gray, PhD, PAS

Technical Feedlot Specialist

Employee: Chris Zellmer

Chris Zellmer, MS

Ruminant Field Technical Specialist

Employee: Rodrigo Ruiz

Rodrigo Ruiz, DVM, PhD

Ruminant Technical Service Specialist