Research Team

Advancing Science. Solid Research. Proven Results.

Diamond V’s scientific research and technical support experts work across all all major food animals, including dairy and beef cattle, swine, poultry species, aquaculture, as well as pet and companion animals species. The team collaborates with industry partners and customers, developing research initiatives and technological innovations that benefit animal nutrition and health, while enhancing customer profitability.

Employee: Derek Petry

Derek Petry, PhD, MBA

Director, Research and Technical Service

Employee: Evan Chaney

Evan Chaney, PhD

Director, Food Safety Microbiology

Employee: Tom Edrington

Tom Edrington, PhD

Ruminant Technical Service Specialist, Food Safety

Employee: Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson, PhD

Director, Poultry Research and Technical Services

Employee: Ehsan Khafipour

Ehsan Khafipour, PhD

Director of Microbiome Research and Technical Support

Employee: Sharon Norton

Sharon Norton, PhD

Director, Companion Animal Research and Technical Support

Employee: Ilkyu Yoon

Ilkyu Yoon, PhD, PAS

Director, Global Ruminant Research and Technical Support